Some folks collect band shirts like nobody's business, and wear them with pride, whether they've actually been to their concerts or not.

I'd like to start the same kind of collection but with BBQ team shirts, BBQ restaurant shirts, and the like. I like many others of the BBQ affliction plan on collecting these shirts in my lifelong pilgrimage from BBQ joint to BBQ joint. However that only gets me restaurant shirts, and leaves me greatly lacking in the team shirt dept. Most importantly the size must be 4XL, I could squeeze into a 3xl... but lets face it fat dudes in tight shirts... are just not that great to look at

This is where YOU come in, the BBQ team. I'd love to pop up my address and have you send me your shirt, but i've priced them out and know how expensive they are to get, so I don't expect that to happen. But if you wish to contribute to a BBQ roadie like myself's outward expression of this common affliction I wont stop you!!

What would be awesome however, if you could contact me via email, or the various social media outlets, and let me know how I can obtain one for my very own collection!! It's small, but with your help I can represent all the friends and family I've come to know in my short BBQ journey thus far.

Find me on twitter                   @bubbastewbbq
Find me on Facebook             facebook.com/bubbastewbbq
Email                                      aznivek@gmail.com

you can also leave comments here! As my collection grows I will update this page, and you can catch me representing different Folks all over on the Twitter, and on the Facebook. keep an eye out for the #BBQSHIRTCOLLECTION

Where to get your own: as I update i'll add info on how you can get your own, (if available to general public) click the caption under the picture to take you where you need to go.



New Shirts!!

Ponderosa BBQ
McFrankenboo Barbeque


  1. As soon as I decide to move in one direction or the other with shirts for the blog, I'll let you know!