Bubba Stew's BBQ

     There are many things in this crazy world that people get addicted to, cigarettes, alcohol, turrible turrible drugs and the list can and does go on and on and on. My habitude is most Def BBQ, or Barbeque, or Barbecue or even Bar-Be-Que (or Cue).

If you are reading this you noticed that I started up a new tab, a new page on my blog. This will be THE place of THE man that is BUBBA STEW BBQ, that is my BBQ alter ego. Bubba is a long time, nickname of mine, it's one that fits everything about me, (except that mental picture of that dude in prison you get when you think of a bubba)

Here you will find (if i know what i am doing...) my recipes, my tips and my Crazy Arizona ways pertaining to all things BBQ'd. They are a mix of everything i've learned the last few years from my sometimes, crazy, outspoken, confusing, wise, enduring BBQ mentors that i have made a virtual ( as in i haven't met them all in person) family bond with that BBQ is the glue.

For instance, BIGMISTA was the first to introduce ( and crystal she loves the stuff like crack...not that she has ever loved crack) to Pigcandy, the glorious smokey,  bacony, sweet, goodness that is sure to delight!

And the MOINK ball created by Larry Gaian ( who just happens to be THE BBQ GRAIL ) this delish morsel is a (beef...MOO) meatball wrapped with that lovely porky morsel bacon (OINK) together they make MOINK... capitalized... is the proper way...so do it!! Wrap it tooth pick it in place smoke it smother it ( i like BigbutzBBQ sauce for mine) then cook til the sauce sets, and you have the awesomeness that is MOINK!!

For tonight that is all from Bubba Stew.


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