25 July 2015


I love nature. I love the deepest corners of it, far from civilization, where it seems no man has been before. I love the struggle as nature must prove itself viable in the midst of the largest cities. I love he caring side, seen in the flowers, and animals rearing their young. I'm astonished by the harshness of the reality of the circle of life.

I am drawn to the harshness of nature because I live it everyday. Living in the desert is fantastic. Most of the country knows Arizona as a wasteland of rocks sand and cactus, and it is a shame. Of all the states I've been too my home is my favorite, probably because it's home, but also, because we have every single climate type right here between our borders.

The plants here must protect themselves, so they are thorny, and will bite you if you're not on your toes. The animals here too will knock ya down if you mess with their turf. And that's another reason it's so cool. Much like the state itself, the animals and plants here won't be told what to do,(daylight savings can kiss it WE DO WHAT WE WANT) they flourish where they shouldn't and survive when most would perish.

The beauty in the desert is everyday, it begins with the sunrise, and oh my what a rise it is. As I stood watch in the sun come up on my last hike it's was amazing to watch the sky come ablaze and the landscape change I front of my eyes. I'm not sure in the rest of the country, but here at sunrise there is a rush of cold air that you can almost feel rush across the land, it's kind of an epic feeling, I hope you get to experience it sometime!

The sun sets and again the sky is set ablaze, with vivid pinks and oranges, purples and reds, our sunsets are epic, our flag is representative of our sunsets, it's a real thing Arizona has them on lock.

The summer here is interrupted when monsoons hit and they are a welcome event. The rains can take a 115° day, and cool it to 65° in a matter of minutes, while at the same time shut down a city with flooded streets. With the monsoons come all kinds of creatures and plant life, exploding to life with the rain. Plants grow like crazy. I mowed my yard this morning, some weeds were shoulder high, when two weeks ago they were nay higher than my ankles.

Some of my favorite animals are the roads tha pop out with the rainy season. Until then they are buried deep within the dirt, dormant hibernating til the next year, so when they come out it's quite an event. It's a party when they pop out, with song and muddy dance. As they croak deep into the night, it's actually quite peaceful, their song.

So if you ever get a chance, come visit. See the grandeur that is Arizona, come see our big hole in the ground, our painted desert, come see our extremes. Come and sit with me while the sun rises and sets, you won't be disappointed.

19 July 2015


I've had a LOT of people come through my life, and IN GENERAL I make "friends" with a lot of them. I say "friends" but should really say positive acquaintances. I talk to these folks, wish them happy birthday and the like, and sometimes they "return the favor". But we're not really THERE for each other like friends are.

Then there are work "friends" which are like the positive acquaintances but we actually see them everyday, at work and not usaully anywhere else. In that, they are closer to actual friends, and can poentially blossom into a real friendship outside of the workplace even.

True friends, now that's something special. These folks get into your soul, they become part of who you are. It's like they were a part of you, you didn't know was missing, until they came along and filled that invisible missing puzzle piece, with a piece of their very own soul. They are the ones you lean on, when no one else seems to be there. They KNOW you, they SEE you, the one you hide from the "real world", they are YOUR PERSON(s) (yes that was a Grey's Anatomy reference). You know these folks' families, and whether you've met them or not, their families probably know of you.

I have very few REAL friends. Don't feel sorry for me, I'm not, the cliché phrase comes to mind... "I'd rather have one single $1.00 friend, than 100 penny friends." The people I've fallen in friendship with, are amazing, and I'd do anything in the world for these folks, wether it be helping them move, being a shoulder for them to cry on, or bounce crazy career ideas off of, meet them at the airport so their not alone on a long layover. On first (physical) meeting with true friends you can hang and talk for HOURS deep into the night, or drive hours, just to have breakfast with you. Or meet up with them for a bit of bad Mexican food. These people are special, and I cherish them with all my being, their pain is my pain, and their joy is mine.

Thanks to the electrons running through the internets, I can (in distance) be "close" to my friends, and I absolutely love it! The Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter are all tools that keep me "close" to my friends, and fantastic tools they are. So today if you have those platforms, let your friends know you love them, the tools are right in front of you, make 'em smile!!

12 July 2015

Art or not?

Art comes in many forms, many materials used to express the artists' vision, and many different templates on which an artist can express their vision.

Graffiti is a sensitive subject for some, and depending on the location of the work, and the nature of it changes my acceptance of it. I don't appreciate vulgar destruction of private or public property, there are enough A-holes in the "graffiti" industry, that cast a negative connotation over all the quality artists.

My specific adoration for graffitis come from the places not many venture to, under bridges, tunnels, locations that are actually brought UP, by a little splash of color. These hurt no one, there is no said "destruction" only an artist bringing something new to the table.

From the regular joe, to the Bansky's of the world whom of which put thought, and heart and soul into their work, I truly appreciate, because some folks would pay millions for a black line drawn on a 30"x25" canvas, because of a name,but look down on a true work, because it is on a pillar, under a bridge..

11 July 2015

I'm starting over.

I'm goin' to bring back this lil ole blog, but it'll be different. Things have changed in my life since I left behind the jumbled electrons in these pages. Good things.

Well shoot, I've had a kiddo for starters, my Lil Makaela, is 2, and there is another on the way, that'll be a lil Bubba II.

I've made a whole new group of fantastic friends, who've somehow, from their far off locales managed to pry me out of my shell, I'm more comfortable with myself than ever before, because of these friends.

I've also introduced fitness into my life, since I've been away. By way of weight lifting, which has led into hiking again, and who knows what's to come.

So stick around, I'm not finished yet, my second wind is coming!!

17 November 2012

Sweet Tater bread, not sweet..... potato bread

I like cookin, it's no secret. I do use recipes, but after I have made the stock recipe, in general, they become.... guideline. They are there to tweak as I see fit. This is no different with this bread recipe.
It started out as a pumpkin bread recipe, from this book, and printed back in the day

I like old recipe books, it's fun to look back and see how some processes have changed, and how the old ways still produce great stuff. Here's the recipe. Pictures make it much easier than typing the whole thing out. :D

Basically I follow everything here, except instead of pumpkin, i use one of the big cans of sweet potatos drained. and instead of water, i swap it out for the drained sweet tater juice. So nix the water, and use the tater juice, there is no flavor in water, and the sweet tater juice is loaded with flavor, and... it's wet so it works. Like i have learned watching Alton Brown's Good Eats, over mixing batter can ruin a good "sweet bread" recipe. so dont do it, just incorporate the flour, there may be clumps, but they will work themselves out, do not use a mixer, use a wood spoon, you'll thank me later. Mix all the wet ingredients together, and separately mix together all the dry ingredients, use a whisk to combine the dry, it is quicker than a sifter...

The recipe makes two loaves which look like this before you bake it

And after, let it cool for a good 10 min in the pan, then i'll set up on a towel, and get them out of the pans, so they dont get ... mushy, yeah that's the word. then after they cool completely, i'll put em in ziploc bags to keep em fresh, usually one will go straight into the freezer, and the other one stays out on the counter, it usually doesn't last long enough to have to be put in the fridge.

Slice it up, and enjoy, your different but similar bread for the season.