09 February 2011


I have got to give props out to Steve Rodgers and his wife ( Steve is one of my fellow BBQ BRETHREN ) He's got a great lil online BBQ supply store, with everything a guy could need... well maybe not EVERYTHING, (that would be extremely hard to accomplish) but he sure has everything to get a newb started for sure.

I recently purchased a Maverick ET 732 from Steve's BBQ EQUIPMENT STORE

the service was top notch, and it was shipped the next day (i actually ordered at 9 last night then when i woke up i got the shipping notice)
that's good by any means, and he also has another full time job workin for the his local police department as an officer.

I needed an upgrade to my old ET73 that i got when i first got into BBQ, it just is tired, ....nah, i just wanted a new one, with 300 ft range... the old guy cant seem to get inside, but Steve being as thorough as he is, did a test (ON VIDEO to show the world) to test the supposed 300 ft range of the 732... and boy did it do the job, 200ft... and it kept on tickin, 300... still good, he shows it made it 321 feet!!!, the transmitter left at the house he walked down the street!!!, that sold it for me, before they were even released to the public.

Some say that there is no need for remote thermos... that's cool, i have a need for em, GRUNTER is a stick burner, so i gotta pay attention to the pit temp at the very least, ( the food TEMP isnt as important, as there are many other tru tell signs of a meat's doneness) but i need to watch for temp spikes... specially when the wind is blowin... or freak rain pops up in the middle of the night, W/O the remote i would not have recognized it, as i usually only need to check once an hour or so....

so if you need some BBQ GOODNESS go check out my friend Steve @ http://bbqequipmentstore.com/main.sc

Tell him i sent ya ;)


  1. Thanks for the street wisdom on the Maverick. I've been looking for a good remote thermo for a while, but wanted a review from someone who isn't selling the things. http://nicebuys.biz

  2. Thanks for stoppin by gary's bro, bbq is a passion of mine, so if you stick around, you might find somethin else I can help out with