23 February 2011

FARK!!! Well now that that is out of the way...(wrote tonights blog on phone...and accidentally deleted it....lame) That being said, WHAT'S COOKIN WEDNESDAY?! Went off fantastic!! Ended up usin chix quarters (cuz that's all they had) but I'm glad I did! GROG could only hold 4 at a time, so had to do 3 batches (ten total pieces) the first were low n slow 1.5 hrs at 200-230, next batch was higher temp 230-260 for actually a lil longer, then the last two pieces got the heat cranked up to 300 and it got done in bout 45 ish min. It rated great with my tastebuds, and can't wait to share the love at work and maybe drum up some business for BUBBA STEW BBQ OUT

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