27 March 2011

family ties

in this day and age, i dont know if family is as prevalent as in previous years... and that worries me. my blood family is close, we pretty much all live in the same town cept for craig n heidi who live up in vegas, but still we keep in contact and i love that we are so close.

but im talking your other types of family, work family, church family, just your plain ole friends even... it seems that type of closeness doesnt carry over into those families, often times time spent with these other people is MORE than with your own blood family,

at work it's a constant stabbing match anymore, a game of he said she said (well not where i work it's all he's there) why does it need to be that way i dont understand... everyone is doin the same job, for the same pay, in the same amount of time, what is there to fight for?? i dont get it..

Family should stand up for itself, stand up for each other. It shouldnt be torn apart from an outsider with different ideas about how things happen. People shouldnt leave the family because of this, if they see it is hurting, it is their (and everyone else's) responsibility to stand up for the group. Not leave and let the fam fight alone, what kind of crap is that. if no one will tell the problem, no one will know the problem, thus no one will be able to fix the problem. and there is the rub, that's what will tear a family apart, people leaving, w/o telling why, just assuming prople will know...no one knows (for sure) unless they are told the problem, if left to assume... well you know what happens when ASS U Me (ing) happens... i thought so, and i believe it's true.

if some of you know, (or rather THINK you know) what im talking about, dont bring it up with me, dont call me out, and tell me that im wrong for bringing this out in the open, im not the one(s) who have left my famliy, im not the one who has given up on the ones i love, and have grown up with. Im NOT the one who ran away when the wolf was at the door, not me, i WILL NOT leave my family for one wolf. Do not come to me with a problem and no solution, i dont want to hear it, i see the problem and im tryin to do my part to bring it to the people's eyes that can do something about it.

There is a problem with today's families, and that's what it is, speculative talking, (aka GOSSIP) and inaction, the two worst things of these past years, it tears at the roots of our society. if people would just say what's on their minds, their reasoning for their actions, there would be no speculation , no need for someone to make up a story on why what happened, happened. People's feelings will get hurt, but the great thing about family, "THEY FORGIVE EACHOTHER" (got that from a movie). so Stand up, and say something, not under hushed voice behind closed curtains, STAND UP SHOUT IT OUT LET PEOPLE KNOW, otherwise ya might not even be missed when you check out.


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