11 March 2011

got to try sonic's new hot dog choices today, I tried a couple chicago's and a new york dog. Made me long for LUKES in tucson, for the chi town style, yet another reasonn the small town sucks, for a foodie like me, it is very lacking.

Next weekend I thinks we goin to tucson, so maybe I'll hit lukes up then, although.....i might lean towards a chicago roast beef double dipped...mmmmm dangitall

Have you seen TOP GEAR?( if not...you just got awarded 10 suck points)...every time I watch it it really makes me wish I had the money to get the cars they get to....i guess you say test...or review even.

I'd not be the mamby pamby, merc, mclaren, lambo,ferrari,porsche,bugatti showin off how much money I'd have type driver...id be the guy replacing my tires EVERY WEEKEND because I used every single ounce of horse's juice. I mean why pay for somethin NEVER used....I'm sure rich boy has taken it up on the highway pretty fast...but I also bet half of em #1 wet themselves and #2 will never do it again....neither of those scenarios would apply to me.

I have gotten to drive some pretty cool cars in my short time on this earth, number one would be the 6 or 7 Ford GTs that I had to test drive while I was workin at the Ford dealership. Boy did I break the 40 mph speed limit on golflinks that day (between wilmot and craycroft look it up) add 100 and that sums how fast the GT is.

Next in line would be the...2006 Saleen Extreme Mustang, that thing is a lane eatin beast!!! what I mean by that is if ya think comin outta a corner that you can stuff that go pedal and not look at the sidewalk through the windshield...you'd be wrong....dead wrong....and in doin so I'd bet ya could git in 4th gear BEFORE the car even thought about catchin traction...ooooh that was a fun ride....

All this thinkin about fast cars, really really makes me want to build a fast car, I've got the caprice, but like I said I wanna fast car, not that cap ain't fast, but its a pig, its heavy. I need a light car, like a notch back fox body....I'd love a maro, but they were heavy in the 70s....sucked in the 80s uncomfortable in the early 90s... Dodge....eheh....not happenin...(unless I could find a CHEAP cuda or challenger or best option charger). I dunno....all I know is I wanna go fast, real fast; real cheap (read that as IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN)



  1. I had a '68 and a half Firebird Formula with no interior, or, for that matter, any other things not needed to go fast. It had one seat. It was not so heavy at all, and it was quite fast. Or so said the CHP that saw me sliding around a corner of Highway 101.

  2. Bob I like you more and more every time you post! Are you sure you aren't some kinda radical conservative deep undercover as a liberal ? Either way thanks for keeping up with me

  3. Nope, some kinda radical liberal Californian loyalist left wing commie...oh wait, Chris isn't here. Never mind.