25 March 2011

nothin new here tonight...tomorrow that's a different story....gotta work...yeah lame I know....I'm gettin laid off (as of right now) and they want me to work HARDER for them....talk about gettin pissed on.....that pisses me off....but what's a guy to do...take the hit and keep on chugging along....that's what I do...

In other news there is gonna be a party tomorrow, that I got to make dinner for. I took ma's chicken enchilada recipe and bbq'd it, or rather the chicken that goes in the enchilada, although one day I'll have to try que'n the whole shebang to see how that comes out.

On that note.....oh wait I'm not done! I went on a test drive today,(in one of the humvees) down towards garden canyon and stopped by one of the ponds out there to see the water level (til last summer, they had been dry for 3 or so years but the rains filled em up) and knowing they had been dry kinda bummed me cuz no fish, but today....ooooh today there was a dude fishin!(dummy...i thought) I had to check it out, lo and behold the dude had probably 2 lb (fatbellied mutha) catfish!!! And said he had been pullin in some crappie, and bluegill, only usin worms. That means either these are mutant dirt breathin fish, or some one illegally introducethe fish into the pond, (which is ok by me this pond used to be a hot spot), in the old days every week you'd read about biggie bass being hauled outta there in the thurs fishin report. How do I come to that conclusion? I called up the sportsman center to see if they were the ones who stocked it..but alas they told me that there were in fact NO FISH in that pond....hmmm imagine that....i guess what they don't know wont hurt them....but I just might have a nice close fishin spot for the summer. Ill have to tune up the rod n reel, as I ain't beed fishin in a loooooooooooong time, long time...so I need to fix that, as I got my hunt/fish license today.


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