21 March 2011

today Blowed!!

literally.... it was windy as CRAP!!!! weather.gov says wind from 17 to 22 mph with gusts as high as 33mph, and i totally believe it..... i hope this blows in a storm of somesort, we desperately need the rain. That and the last few windstorms have simply blown the storm AROUND us.... which is totally depressing.

i hope this year is not another windy one like last year... poor trees, are all jacked up from all the wind, and the fires have also started... so if it's windy, AND firey this year... it's gonna be a long, LONG summer!!!!

Not saying fire isnt good for nature... but once it gets bad... i'll have to hear all the complaining about people losing their property and whatnot, cuz they cant keep a decent clear space around their homes, it happens everytime........everytime....

i know it sounds heartless... but... it's their responsibility to take care of their crap, if they dont they lose it, period!....

now the bleeding heart in me....(no not really) says i really hope that no one loses anything, and as a warning i say... MOW YOUR EFFIN GRASS!!!!!!!! three foot high grass is a HOTBED (yeah pun intended) for FIRE!!!!! if you can afford that nice 60" TV, and xbox and bluray player, you can afford a lawnmower... (or pay the neighborhood kid) to keep your house safe(r) from the fire danger.


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