23 March 2011


as promised for WHAT'S COOKIN' WEDNESDAY?! i present to you sausage, egg and pancake.... for you that were hoping for cheese i apologize in advance as there will be no cheese tonight sadface for you....

but here's tonight's players

now think of this as a COMPLETE one stop breakfast togo... i cannot take all the credit, as many things especially in the BBQ world, someone has done it before you, just now people can claim it theirs, but i will not. who's then would it be??? heck i dunno fer sure, but the first person i saw doin this type of craziness was Tom from BIGBUTZBBQ so im gonna give him credit for my inspiration

the pancakes, were crystals, well rather the internets' recipe we found when we got married and decided neither of us liked bisquick anymore... we needed a scratch recipe, and this one turned out to be the best and have been using it since. mmm it's good

so basically just stack it, like so

then smoosh it into a ball like shape, that's round, and could roll if you so intended for it to... buuuuut, im gonna eat it so i dont want it to get dirty

then as i cooked on UG tonight which is my dont pay attention to temp, just set and let it cook what he wants to cook at, which is nice cuz i dont gotta think bout anything but the time on stuff!!

they turned out good, they could also be used for a kid's science project where the kid is pretending to be GALACTUS eating the planet (if the planet was a loverly sausage ball!!!)

by now i know you are ALL thinkin im nutz.... well thanks, nicest thing i've had said bout me today...but that's not all folks, the taste was great although a tad dry, but i fixed that with more syrup, mmmmm, only if the internets could let you taste this stuffs!!!


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