29 April 2011

another friday....

Jene's stuck doin homework, and me and the guys (at work) are stuck goin to bed early cuz we gotta work tomorrow.... seems neverending eh?? yeah it sure does. it's been so long, i dont even know what a day off feels like. sure i dont work sunday, but still get up and go to church, and deal with all of the regular sunday goings on.... so really still not a day off...i cant wait til i can sleep in,... im gonna sleep allllllllllllllllll day... (probably not, but its a nice idea...)

went shooting with the bob tonight up at my "secret" spot in hunter canyon, good times, as always the fun had overweighs the cost of blastin through 60 bux in an hour or few. i'll have a vid of the fun later, im sure you'll be waitin for it ;)


1 comment:

  1. That's my plan for when I get a day off... Sleep allllll day. Or at least till like... 10! That would be AMAZING! Haha!