10 April 2011

let's play who's paying attention...

dunno if ya noticed, but the other day ago, i made some changes around here, little changes. i changed the fonts here and there, and some colors too, i also added >>>>>>>>> over there, that lil email sign up thingy, that way you dont even gotta remember to come over here, i can just pop into your email box, kindy creepy eh??

i also fooled around with "feeding" my blog out to the other parts of the internets, i dunno if it'll do much, but the other day i had no "fed" followers, now i have....8...well yesterday when i glanced at it, was at 16...i have no clue what all that jazz really is.... but... im feeding the internets now, makin the monster bigger and more unmanageable. that's what i do!! maybe one day i can break it, that should be fun,

al gore is gonna be pissed... first he got on the global warming boat (tardfish...) and then i would have broken his precious internets!!!! hahahahaha... that's what you get ya doof!!!


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