03 April 2011

WE go'd to the zoo today

after a long week it was made pleasantly longer with a trip to the zoo, with almost the whole of the family. only missing sibling was Craig, who's servin over in Afganistan (thanks again for that brother) Heidi and JTS (that's Jake the Snake to all you non knowers) he's the youngest neph, got to come down for a while while Craig is outta country. so it was nice to have a big family outing as adults, (anytime our family went out, it was a big outing...with 7 people...we take up some space)

after this week, this represents me to a T....ortise.

i always like the big cats, (for the obvious reasons, they can tear a man in half with one swipe, and bite his/her head off and finish you off for breakfast, then move onto harry for lunch) but never can catch them doin anything of worth at the zoo. today that was different.

another thing i try to capture, is birds takin off, it's a bit harder than a person would think...ooooor maybe i just suck.....

The Elefonts were in action too....well as much action as elephants can get into in a zoo.... funny story about them, one started to rock back, back and forth. over and over... and crystal wondered what it was doin... i told her, "looks like he's tryin to push out a turd"... and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM. Sheet hits the....dirt.( yeah, pleasant right)

If anything makes you realize, that (unarmed) you are not the top of the food chain, in his domain, a look like this will let you know, that you are meat.


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