09 May 2011

monday is still the day after sunday

today is crazy windy, so windy in fact it took our Aerostat and exploded that mutha!!! what's an aerostat you ask, im glad you asked

here's ours on the ground, it's a helium filled deal, with cameras and other equipment for watching the border, drug runners, me nekkid on the balcony... i dunno, really but it's been there pretty much my whole life that i can remember at least, it's blown away a few times, but it was always in the air...(i think) when it snapped, so no property was damaged when they had to take it down... this was tied to the ground when it broke free, so much lower when things happened

and our daily sight....well til it exploded all over town today cuz of the wind.

now it's in peices, this was about 60 feet from my ma's house, it's a battery from the aerostat... could have been way worse...

so apparently this stuff is top secret, so i have heard reports that when it broke away from it's tether, the USAF apparently Detonated the thing making it explode and many peices, of it landed all over the adjacent neighborhood.

exciting day...


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