17 May 2011


i know it's goofy, it's pathetic, but this week is dragging, all cuz i wanna pick up my fridge....errr.... smoker... fridgesmoker.... froker.... hmmm i gotta come up with a name once it's finished... heck i gotta come up with a theme for the beast... i gotta "meat" it so i can learn what it wants to be called, gotta come up with a plan on how to manage the fire, and how many racks... what kinda neat contraptions i can put on it/ in it to make it the most effecient, it can be so to make it a profitable cookin machine (hopefully)

the thing will get a nice fix up. im gonna strip it down, and polish up the shiny stuff on the outside, make it so i can fit as many racks as i can inside (with regard to meat size) Make a firebox that can be easily accessed, probably make it inside of a drawer on the bottom...or something.... that means i'll have to figure out a way to get air into it.. controlled... hmm how would i do that.... i dunno... things to ponder once i get the beast!!!

i gotta get a logo design for Bubba Stew's BBQ so that i can put that on the front of it...maybe.... hmm things to ponder... thing's that my brain will wrap itself around... until i get it ;) Saturday cant come soon enough


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