24 May 2011

Wednesday....errrrr....doh its only tuesday

Its goin that slow this week...its only tuesday...lame, and I have nothin of worth to letcha know about.....

I guess I could mention that I'm gonna try (not very hard, but try) to lose some weight. Got a scale so I can try and keep track. Bout a week or two ago I decided that I would cut my portions (of food) down. also only have one plate @ meals. No seconds. Now mind you this isn't a diet that I'm gonna finish up in 6 months when/if I hit my goal weight, but this (i hope) can become a permanent part of my life.

I've been big my whole life see. And I don't at all wanna be skinny, not a bit. for me id be useless, my strength is in my size, but I don't at all need to be this big either.


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