05 June 2011

First off i wanna give a congrats shout out to my sisters, THE WHITE ONE and THE NUHNAY check down @ 80,81 my sis in plural ran and finished their very first 5k, they made a plan and stuck it! and they did good, im a proud big brutha.

that was yesterday... today, however, i had fun playin around.... i wanna gopro Motorsports HERO... like i have said before. but im an impatient bugger, so i took some 550 cord, (or paracord as it's also known) and tied, yes i tied my regular ole digital camera to the grill of my caprice, and drove to church... it was cool, but it make me appreciate the high quality of the gopro stuff!!! but with a lil ingenuity, i can accomplish almost anything!! so i did and here are the results, of my first driving video....gotta start somewhere right??

on that note, im gonna play with the video editing smore on some other videos.


1 comment:

  1. Lol. The video was cool. Next time you should try to angle it more so you can see maybe a little more... like cars, buildings.. or something! :)