24 June 2011

the GoPro is live, and i wanna apron

i got home today and stuck the gopro on the back of the rc crawler. well actually did that last night and chased the dogs around the house... but today i went on a tour of the garden today, to show off what's goin down in there. so as i sit here waiting for it to upload to youtube.... im thinkin of gettin some coconut fudge icecream and how good a bowl will be. 2 min to go.... tick tock tick tock....this is one thing about rendering video... it takes time, but i love it, it's fun and i hope to one day get better and better eventually make something that anyone can appreciate!!

I can totally appreciate this camera now, such a difference in film quality from the other camera i was using... actually recording in HD makes a big difference.

on a side note, i found a cool apron ( yes aprons can be cool)....from TACTICAL GRILLING and i thinkin that anything tactical is cool, this thing is molle compatible, that means i could attach anything from my tac vest to the apron... that means i could be ready for when the ish goes down, when im gettin some grillin ... or Que'n goin on!! these are made of 1000D Cordura in Universal Digital Camo, MultiCam, COYOTE, MARPAT Woodland, or NAVPAT, the Tactical Grilling Apron features three rows of modular attachment across the waist and two rows across the chest. My birthday is comin up on the 4th you know that... here's a hint ;) i like COYOTE !!! i also like that they have come up with patches to put on the apron, cuz everyone knows that to be tactical, gotta have a patch sayin so. customizable to say what you want!! So if you are reading this TACTICAL GRILLING.COM "MMMMEAT" would be a perfect patch!!

Well thanks for sticking around, til next time.


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