26 June 2011

gotta think bout my birthday pretty soon.... 27 i'll be, holy cow where did it all go??? i knows 27 isnt old, but i feel it. it's my career choice mostly probably, it wears on a man, very physically demanding, and workin in the heat... takes the years from ya, i dunno how all these old mechanics have done it...they were a different breed i guess... and they didnt have nearly as much drama to deal with either, they were allowed to work, they didnt have to sit in meetings, about why they arent getting things done, because time is being wasted....(in meetings no doubt) gotta love management... ... eh eh.. not this guy....

next week... monday is the big day... the 4th of july, my b-day....and there wont be any fire works... thanks fire.... and no thanks ya lame rain clouds... think they got lost on the east coast.... they need to get a garmin or somethin...no fireworks....this will be a first (to the best of my best recollection) in our lil town... so i am a lil lost on how to plan my shindig... as most of the time it has been loosely based around the wonderful explosions of celebration with dinner before, and cake n junk after....now what....i guess ill just have to have a boring ole shindig like the rest of you boring people... (except you christmas kids.... brats ;)....would be cool to have a projector and watch a real city's spectacular.... but... that would be lame for the general party goer i think.....

sooooo i dunno.... i'll Que up some goodness, crystal will make an awesome cake, and here's hopin for some awesome company at least.


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