21 June 2011

I went to check to see if the go pro I "ordered" was still on time, and I was surprised to find out that it had actually come in, so I'm a happy camper.

Then I was getting tired of my oil river flowing outta the caprice, do I decided to replace the seal that was leakin.....started about 530 after checkin out the garden (that's in the next paragraph don't worry)...and I finished about 1045pm ish....long hard work but worth the savings in oil Alone. Whilst I was in there I saw a buncha stuff that I know needed replacing. Harmonic balancer will be replaced with underdriven unit, and belt along with that. The mechanical fan will get replaced with electric, so I can git rid of the stupid huge fan shroud, and the extra idler pulleys just for stupid fan..... Then the normal maint stuff, that I have failed to do since I got the car... :o

The garden (told you id get here) is doin good. After yesterdays bunny massacre it should recoup nicely.stupid rabbit..... Buuuuuuuuut, things are poppin up, I've now got sweet potatoes, red taters, russets, purple finger taters. There is summer squash...our was it zuchini....I'll find out in a couple days..onions galore along with herb's gang basil, parsley,cilantro and chives, ill be able to make salsa too, with jalepenos and maters, and even more onions, there is a wee bitta corn, and cukes sprouted up the other day, (gotta git on makin a trellis fer them to get the most productivity) hope gen beans and peas are short to follow.

I get'll some pics later but for now I'm bushed, from work, and workin on the cap...


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