02 July 2011

2 Jul 2011

so the day starts like this... i wake up... look at the clock smile that it's 720, lay my ugly mug back down and go back to sleep cuz i dont gotta go to work, what a glorious feeling. then three hours later i get up and outta bed and ready to head to the store for birthday shindig stuffs, then off to target to get some stuff for a baby shower that crys is goin to tomorrow.... then it hits me...it's not there :( <<<< that's me... sadface.... the copper weber 22.5" that was on sale half off basically...gone...the truth?? a lil devistation from my lil heart... oh well... finished up there.. now im sittin at the church while crys is finalizing the paperwork n junk for the youtes trip to Golf'n'stuff this afternoon, should be fun for the kids. what the future holds this day is some homedepot browsing to see if they have the best deal on charcoal in town, walmart has 2 16.5 bags for 7.50 lowes has buy one git one free on K blue bags... but neither of them have the HD 20bag size of K, that's what im after, im hopin for a BOGO there or somethin!! later that day over 15 bux fer a 2 pack of 20 lbs...eh eh, not today, the cart was full of other stuff...didnt make it to lowes TODAY, but there is always tomorrow.

what did happen tonight though was rewarding, got up my tiki torches, and while we were at HD we finally got Roger's father's day present he got some grape vines, FLAME is the type of grape highly rec'd by cuz Jefe, anywhoo we got them planted in da ground, and i also picked up some snackin maters ( cherry and grape maters)

All in all today is was a good day, long, and im just as tired as if i went to work... but no yelling, no gettin told im a WPOS...it was really kinda nice!!!



  1. Are those eating grapes or wine makin grapes?

  2. They will be eatin grapes, no wine here anonymous :D

  3. DOH! I shoulda known that! My brain is, well, I guess clogged with bacon.