12 July 2011

oh the woes of summer

the weather has been great, it has been raining, but alas i have no way to enjoy what the rain brings, MUD...im not the typical stupid redneck wanna be that will hit the mud and leave it on the truck to ruin everything, from stratchin the windshield to holdin that moisture on all the metal so it helps with that lovely rust that us mechanics hate soooo much.

I guess that's why i like crawlin rocks a lil better than the mud, another reason i was made for AZ, not much mud, but plenty of rocks.

hopefully i can get word on the house soon to find out which way things can go, ( get the house and do house things or not get the house and get the 4x4 truck goin) i'll get the 4x4 goin regardless, but still wanna find out.


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