19 July 2015

I've had a LOT of people come through my life, and IN GENERAL I make "friends" with a lot of them. I say "friends" but should really say positive acquaintances. I talk to these folks, wish them happy birthday and the like, and sometimes they "return the favor". But we're not really THERE for each other like friends are.
Then there are work "friends" which are like the positive acquaintances but we actually see them everyday, at work and not usaully anywhere else. In that, they are closer to actual friends, and can poentially blossom into a real friendship outside of the workplace even.
True friends, now that's something special. These folks get into your soul, they become part of who you are. It's like they were a part of you, you didn't know was missing, until they came along and filled that invisible missing puzzle piece, with a piece of their very own soul. They are the ones you lean on, when no one else seems to be there. They KNOW you, they SEE you, the one you hide from the "real world", they are YOUR PERSON(s) (yes that was a Grey's Anatomy reference). You know these folks' families, and whether you've met them or not, their families probably know of you.
I have very few REAL friends. Don't feel sorry for me, I'm not, the cliché phrase comes to mind... "I'd rather have one single $1.00 friend, than 100 penny friends." The people I've fallen in friendship with, are amazing, and I'd do anything in the world for these folks, wether it be helping them move, being a shoulder for them to cry on, or bounce crazy career ideas off of, meet them at the airport so they're  not alone on a long layover. On first (physical) meeting with true friends you can hang and talk for HOURS deep into the night, or drive hours, just to have breakfast with you. Or meet up with them for a bit of bad Mexican food. These people are special, and I cherish them with all my being, their pain is my pain, and their joy is mine.
Thanks to the electrons running through the internets, I can (in distance) be "close" to my friends, and I absolutely love it! The Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, Twitter are all tools that keep me "close" to my friends, and fantastic tools they are. So today if you have those platforms, let your friends know you love them, the tools are right in front of you, make 'em smile!!

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