11 July 2015

I'm starting over.

I'm goin' to bring back this lil ole blog, but it'll be different. Things have changed in my life since I left behind the jumbled electrons in these pages. Good things.

Well shoot, I've had a kiddo for starters, my Lil Makaela, is 2, and there is another on the way, that'll be a lil Bubba II.

I've made a whole new group of fantastic friends, who've somehow, from their far off locales managed to pry me out of my shell, I'm more comfortable with myself than ever before, because of these friends.

I've also introduced fitness into my life, since I've been away. By way of weight lifting, which has led into hiking again, and who knows what's to come.

So stick around, I'm not finished yet, my second wind is coming!!

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