01 August 2015


If I've learned ANYTHING as an adult, plans change.... Plans get cancelled, people flake, vehicles break. Weather does what it wants, and sometimes things can just suck....

Things may suck.....that is IF you look at everything, as set plan, written in stone, non flexible... If you cannot bend when the curve is thrown your way, things will seem miserable.

This is why I like to "plan" events more like an adventure. With adventure, unexpected things pop up , and you roll with them, you have no choice either way, but how you deal with it, is what makes a less than desirable situation, bearable, even more fun, than what was planned.

Today was no different. We headed to the mountains an hour and a half away, to have a picnic. But as normal in Arizona the monsoon had different plans. Rain... So instead of a nice picnic on top of the mount, well we had a nice picnic on top of the mount, just in the car, instead of at a picnic table. We still enjoyed time together, we still ate in a place we've never eaten before, we had an adventure.

Eventually the rain ceased and we got to experience some beautiful rock formations, fantastic valley views and I found some fantastic, & new (to me) hiking trails that I cannot wait to hike!!

So make it an adventure, each day live a little, take things in stride. We've only got one life to do what we've got to do, don't waste it regretting plans that didn't line up perfect. Some of the best moments in life are probably wasted planning every detail. Relish in the missteps, mishaps, and unchosen outcome, for they tend to be special.

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