30 July 2016

The trail of life

To seek something great, is what we desire.
To set our heart, mind, even our soul on fire.
We start with a roll, then a crawl, stumble & fall.
Dig down deep, before we know how to dig,
This, right here is where our adventure begins.

We gaze in wonderment all the new sights
Since we're off the ground, to new heights.
Soon taking for granted all that we see,
Things we'll miss, and think that never can be.
Things we oft remember far far differently.

We've had ups, and we've certainly had downs,
But what is a hike on level unchanging ground?
Where is the challenge, the goal, the reward?
The easy trail is simple and dull, no benefit
To our soul, a trail like that leaves you bored.

Step up, step out, make yourself uncomfortable
Grow up, grow tall, make yourself vulnerable.
Never stop learning, never stop yearning
To reach a new peak, a new trail, a new goal
This one life you have, you HAVE to live it in full.

Live an epic life, live a story to tell the world
Every day is a paragraph, a page, a chapter
In the book of your life, live it unfurled.
It's your story, write it, strong, write it proud
May it be long, captivating, and ever so loud!

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