08 May 2010

Farmer John...er... Kevin

So here's the deal, i have had a garden of somekind ever since highschool, (i graduated in '02) this year after having to move back to sierra vista after a series of unfortunate events last year, i decided that i wanted a garden, a BIG garden.... like i have never had before... like 500ish sq feet of garden....
i didnt think 20x25 or whatever it is was that big when i was measuring it out...but then the fun came when we picked up the tiller.... first off danged thing wouldnt run...."i got this" i said, ...yeah i sure did, i pulled the carb apart to find a smelly dried house paint and sand consistency slop cloggin up the carb like nothing i had ever seen in a carb before. So i went fourth and ordered up a carb from eBay... no that actually went fine, so did installing the carb and thus gettin the beast to run...
Next was the tire(s) didnt hold air very well.... that no biggie, just had to keep air in em, fill up before i decided to till it up... the next prob i came across however was the stupid pin(s) that held the blades to the driveshaft... they kept breakin... and i lost em in the dirt never to be found again so i finally got a grade 8 bolt and nut and bolted the effer together.!!! problem solved.
then tilling... OMG.. have you EVER tried to till up AZ concrete? aka dirt, well if it was just dirt prolly wouldnt be so bad, but you throw in boulders, clay (aka sticky gluemucknastycrap once it's wet, otherwise it's hard as rock.) it gits a bit tricky. "Tricky?" you say. yeah tricky, try drivin a straight line when the clay (kalichi) isnt consistent... there are islands of it through....no there are islands of regular nice dirt throughout. most of this was clay, and miserable to till... then ya add water to the mix.... that's where the fun begins. i tell you whut, there were many days(yeah days) of tilling, that my boots didnt make it in the house due to sinking past ankle deep in the junk.
though the horror story above sounds bad, i loved every minute of it, and would do it again, i now have a nice garden, where almost everything i planted is growing. I have corn and peas, and greenbeans. watermelon, cantalope and pumpkin, lettuce (of the romaine persuasion) more peas and green beans. carrots radishi(or would it be radishes...) okra, cilantro, basil, oregano and a green chili of some sort. Garlic, man no body will be sayin "nah needs gaalic" round this family fer a long time, i will have that to boot, and onions, i haves them too. Tomatoes, and Cukes (cucumbers) are also in the ground, infact i have tomatoes on the bushes already...
ya see gardening give me something that i havent really found anywhere else yet, to feel i have truly created something.. i planted the seeds, and they have sprung forth to life. now i must care for him to receive the benefits of the fruit in which they will bear. these plants do not nag me, they do not fight with me, if they disagree with me, they simply die....they dont talk back as long as i feed em, and water em they will pay me back at the end. sure buyin veggies at the store is WAY cheaper. but not really near as rewarding.
I hope that everyone could potentially find something as rewarding as i have found with this stuff, something that calms ya, relaxes ya, makes ya think and puts you to good physical labor.

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