09 May 2010


mostly i think in the now, not planning the next day out, nor next few hours, what happens, happens. sometimes i make plans to do something out of the norm, like visitin the phoenix area with crystal, that stuff i plan out, but mostly im a seat of my pants guy (even if it's just sittin 'round on the seat of my pants). i also dont think much on the past, hasnt been a bad one, hasnt been a spectacular one either... i miss the fun times like visitin tha fam in the old country (MINN haha..) and that sometimes was a drag too. like most times visitin is more stressful than anything, leaving a person to wish for a vakay from their vacation... what i miss were the days we didnt have to go visit this person, or that person... the days when we'd git the tractor stuck in the mud... sure we were actually sposed to be doin somethin (around the farm) i.e. cuttin down fire wood, or mowin the grass, which I LOVED... cuz there was actually grass to mow, instead of this... stuff we have here, a weed that gets like 2.5 feet tall if not cut down regularly. mixed in with these nasty weeds, was dirt... dust, since it didnt grow all together, it was patchy see so a guy'd mow through some grassweeds, then nothin but dirt for a few feet then back to grass... etc, ANYWAYS i digress.... the MINNIE mowing was grass, it smelled great, and there was no dust. F.U.N. fun, and no one bothered me.
well gettin stuck in the mud... mostly it was the tractor, the old masseyferg that we'd sink dang near to, or all the way to the axle... every year i went up there. take a few hours getting it out, got all nastied up with good sticky mud, that's what i miss.
fishing i miss too, real fishing, not this az worm drowning we have goin on out here in the desert, but catchin a fish!!! especially them mean peckers the NORTHERN PIKE, them's will take a finger off if'n ya let em i spose. and a bass, never... not once have i caught a bass here in az that i can remember, but you throw out a spoon in the weeds up in the land of 10000 lakes and wambamthankyoumaam, you will have somethin!!!

i miss my pops too, i regret that i never really got to do any of that stuff with him, we did different stuff however, i mean he is responsible for getting me into goin fast, he had a 78 camaro, that was decent to say the least. i was involved in my first donut in that car and there is not a better feelin while drivin than hangin tha butt of the car around in controlled chaos. i think that's why i love driftin my caprice around so much... too bad i dont own a tire company....he also got me hooked on 4wheelin, back in the 80's he was a jeep man he'd wheel that thing in mud, up rocks, anywhere. as cool as they are i didnt git the gottahaveit jeep jeen... that went to my youngest sis. but i got the fullsize CHEVY truck gene from him most def.
all that said, i need to get out more, and do what i miss again... even if it is just drowning worms, at least i'd git outta the house, even if everytime i go out i get a flat, or stuck i need to wheel more often, and hopefully i wont get a ticket, so i can keep spinnin them tires and lightin them fires!!!

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