30 May 2010

i would really like to thank my sister for raisin her kiddos up right, they can be brats sometimes but she's two and he only has one tooth, but HOLY CRAP they are not like some kids... some kids whose parental units DON'T PARENT!!!

like for instance, a lil while ago some lady out in cali went into bath and body works and saw an advertisement for a lotion challenge... had a nekkid woman... oh no... ( ya didn't see any good stuff, no boobies, no side boobies, no giblets... nothing that would or should be considered anything but art) and she wrote an email, posted it in a blog... and said somethin along the lines of... i was horrified that i'd have to explain to my kids about this.... OMG YOU MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR JOB BEING A PARENT WHAT THE H&{{....... wasnt that in the job description.....ya know showin yer kids the ropes, the ins and outs of morals and junk....YER DUMB GIT OVER YERSELF!!!!!... another example.... of lil peckerheads, brought into this world by people who dont parent are some kids that go around KICKING my neice's toys when they come over for christmas... and they git laffed at "oh he's so cute" they say, or the kids take another kid's soda(s), but that kid in name didnt have the sack enough to take it back from the less than 2 yearold.... he just went in and cried about it...

my point i guess is that this is a rough world, and ya gotta teach your kiddos young right and wrong, or else they are gonna git punched in the face multiple times!!! and the thing i regret is being too old to be the one who will be able to do it, cuz a bunch of kids need to get their faces smashed in,

but not my beeboo, or tommy, they's good kids, cuz they's got good parents and a pretty stable rest of the family. they will be reared (yeah, that's the correct term, you rear kids and you raise corn) with love, and disicpline needed to be successful, in their lives, all around,

again thank you sister i really wish more parents were like you and actually cared about their kids like you do.

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  1. you know..... that's the thing. the kids are horrible and all...... but in a lot of cases it's because they don't know any better. it IS the parents' fault. : )
    And thank you, KL. You totally made my day.