16 June 2010


so... crystal is off on a crusade to the homeland (oklahoma/texas) with her ma, and gramma. and i dont remember ever missing her this much.... she's not there in the middle of the night to steal my covers.... not there for me to steal them back, not there to poke fun of her pops or really any old people. cuz man they can say/do the darndest things!! she isnt here to laff at my horrendusly goofy jokes, faces, wordings, and i cant laff at her's either. i wish she were here so i could kiss her goodbye before i go to work, but alas her side of the bed is empty... even lady misses her, lookin out for her every chance she gets, but she's not home. but thanks to technology... we are only a few finger taps away, with FB in the world, or text messaging, at least i can get a hint of what it'd be like if she were here...but it's not good enough...i need her, here, i need to hold her in my arms...need to smell her hair, that wonderful pearberry spray, that only she is allowed to wear, NO ONE ELSE!!! it's the law. so needless to say, i miss my baby...thank God she will be here saturday.... this has been the longest two weeks of my life!!!

no one this week or the last has been here during the week papa bayes is up in phoenix well peoria... um... sun city to be exact helping to rebuild basically his parents' house. they have been blessed with an amount of money that will help them live better in their current health situation. so he and his bro/wife, and sis/husband have been tearin out floorboards, walls bricks and such to make it a more wheelchair accessible place to live. it's gonna be great for them, and there will be more room for us all to visit, that will be plesant. So here i am all alone at home, or at gramps' weldin on my smoker, and he's a tough one a 55 gal bbl welded to at 23 gal bbl a guy at the THE BBQ BRETHREN named it for me, said it looks like a grunter, it just grunts along and begs for more fire!!! or something along them lines, so it stuck, that's how it is, a spade is a spade, and it is what it is, no changin the facts. but i digress... friday im gonna HOPEfully be cookin up a porkbutt (no, not the actual butt of a pig, its part of the shoulder) and a fatty, for practice you could say so i can relearn how ole grunter is gonna cook, cuz i have a big cook to do on the 4th, my birthday, it's lookin like 30+ people will be there for my party so im gonna do over 30 lbs of meat, so... that's gonna be crazy like 20+ lbs of pork butt, a brisket, some ABT's and MOINK balls.

it's gonna be a wild cook out and a good b-day, i'll be around the ones i love, and the one i love the most, my wife, my partner, my best friend my lover crystal cuz she will be home.. with me, here, close to my heart.

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  1. Aww!! You're so sweet!
    You know... when you get all mushy like this, you remind me of Shrek.
    I dunno why, but you do. : )