24 June 2010

It's getting close. Close to the most beautiful sunsets, i have ever seen. close to the best lightning shows close to the thunder that accompanies said lightning. it's close to monsoon season... it used to be classified as three straight days of a dewpoint at or above 54 degrees but now it is a defined season of awesomeness... june 15-september 30. this is ver weird for arizona... cuz usually it's dry, and hot... but a Mstorm will roll in almost every afternoon... hopefully and bring that sweltering heat down to darn right cold... in a matter of minutes, seriously, when i lived in tucson twas 115 out, when i left work by the time i got home 4 miles away... it was 67.... holy cold streak batman

all this water brings out a plethera of animals... we get the toads, we get the flying ant things that come out right after a rain .. these guys are weird... in tucson at least, they would form pillars that would completely block out everything behind it, (looked like a column of bugs literaly) and if the drive was not busy and you'd take notice of the flight pattern of these guys within the column they seem to fly up the middle and simply fall down around the outside all of them... so it was a column that was alive... craziness..

did i say toads... not just the horny toads we have here but the frog's cousin, these guys are loud, they all get croakin at night, and it's almost like we're at the lake. they are no good fer pups though... they have a nasty poison that makes dogs frothup like they have rabies, not very big, from 1/4 size up to maybe 2 inches or so.
rain... did i say rain earlier... more like walls of water both up and down, both left to right both ways diagonal... it's intense (when we get a good one) things get WET!!!!, and you'd be surprised how FAST the washes fill up, see we are SOOOOOOOO dry here that the ground almost doesnt absorb any of the water (especially the first few days) so it rushes off, down hill into the washes... forcing the state to have a STUPID MOTORIST LAW whereby if your D.A. self drives into a flowing wash and you git stuck you git a ticket, on top of having to pay for the rescue efforts (if required) the only thing i disagree with is if you can make it and they catch ya them DB law enforcers think they have the right to ticket ya too....

hopefully this will be a good year, weather wise i mean, it has been a pretty good year, so far, 2009 was terrible for us, but it's made us really appreciate what we have and who we have around us. i have a good job, we are spending more time with our families and we're making new, and getting reaquainted with old friends, it's good, now MONSOON needs to top it off with some water...

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