05 July 2010

AnOThEr OnE iN tHe BaG

another year down, another year older. this makes 26. and well i feel old and another successful smoke!

but the cookin was good! i did up some port butt 20 lbs, no tis not actually from the butt of the pig rather a part of the shoulder (there's a diagram from Chicago Meat Authority's site above) i pulled the pork for PP sandwiches, and bunches were left over so now i get to make chili with it!! i dont do the goofy boil in a crockpot til it turns to much then add "BBQ" sauce to it so it's a mushy mess of blah... nope not since i hooked up with the BRETHREN i have become a BBQ snob, and i love it!!! but i digress, where was i... oh yeah pulled it for sammiches, i pull the meat and put it all together in a pan for serving, ya git yer meat put it on the bread and THEN you sauce it, i just happened to have a buncha sauce for this thanks to the Brethren. from BIG BUTZ BBQ (one of the brethren) i had original, and my fave xtra hot!! from BIGMISTA i had some of his secret sauce (another brother at the BRETHREN) then there was some dancing pig, and my own DP sweet and spicy sauce! that was the pork

then there was the brisket (again check diagram to see where it comes from) which is a junk cut of meat... it's tough.. i mean look at it, it's basically the armpit of the cow... how lame right..only if you cook it incorrectly. this is a daunting task cuz if you do it right, it's right no doubt about it, it's like a good roast..almost it shouldnt crumble like that, but rather hold together have a slight pull, and it's gotta be juicy gotta be. if you do it wrong it's not good enuff for dog food.... this mofo took from 7pm(3rd) to 330 am on the 4th to get off the smoker then rested in a cooler wrapped in foil and plastic wrap , wrapped in towels for all the juices to settle and what not. everyone said they loved it, could have been they were being nice since was my bday, but i enjoyed it, and often im my next toughest critic only being bested by my wifey (the one who likes nothing) but she seemed to like it to, so i musta did good!!

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