18 July 2010

in october i was bitten... by what? you ask. by BBQ, no again im not talkin burgers, or even steaks on the grill.... that's grillin, NOT BBQ... i have become a BBQ snob, and im not backin down, i have done pulled pork and brisket, that's normal BBQ

i have done a few fatties, which is JD type sausage smoked up either stufft with goodness or left nekkid inside, wrapped in a blanket of baconweave goodness, or again nekkid on the outside, that's a lil outside of the norm

what i didnt expect tonight, was that i could smoke up some fruit and it be off the wall, "WHAT THE HECK!!!!..." you say oh yeah i smoked a banana in the skin tonight along with a pork sirloin roast(which was aight) but the banana was the shizniz!!! i put it on somma my FIL's homemade icecream, which is delish in itself, the nanner knocked it over the top!! it has an intense banana taste, with just the right amount of smoke taste in it, and i put it on at room temp, so the mixture of the icecream, and the texture of the nanner, was like.... a certain married adult only act in my mouth and it was good!!!

Thanks again the the BBQ BRETHREN for giving me another great idear, to make my palate, and my belly happy!!!

and thank you for reading!

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