14 February 2011

ColemanTyler LC THE 2nd Amendment Fulfillment Store

ColemanTyler LC is the place for your 2nd Amendment Fulfillment needs.They have been in business in Gilbert for 7 years or so. I picked up my Plum Crazy/ CMMG rifle as i was saying yesterday. Customer service was fantastic. I wasnt treated like a second class citizen as i could have been at other stores i have been to.

I emailed them the week before to make sure they would have what i needed for my trip up. (it's a long drive from SV to Gilbert had to be sure) and he got back with me right away letting me know that it's usually in stock always but to call just before i come up, so i did. Then he let me know they were getting a lil low in stock so to make sure i'd get what i need, told me to order online, which was painless, and the CT guys have a great site to navigate around, i ordered my rifle, and opted for the pay cash on pickup option. (you can also pay credit card, and even get it shipped to your closest FFL shop) but i like cash transactions, so i did.

When i got in the "Store", i was to say the least impressed. I say "Store" because the business is run out of the owner's house albiet completely seperate. Just park in the driveway and head towards the gate into the backyard, hang a sharp left back to the store.

They are STOCKED!! Accessories Galore, Rifles aplenty, and with out the ammo everything would be useless... but they have that too. If you need a case for your new rifle you can check that off while you are there too, a sling? a quad rail, so you can put on your laser or tac flashlight? they've got it there.

Fun stuff is in stock there too, not sayin the firearms arent fun... but they stock exploding targets (i.e. TANNERITE ) they have pure sodium too which is fun, if you are safe with it, just add water for some excitement!

i mentioned they were in Gilbert... ok that doesnt help you so get ready to take some notes (or just hit print) CT is off the 202 in Gilbert down around the Santan Village PKWY that'll get you in the neighborhood but here are the exact just in case ya wanna check these great guys out.

I just want to give a shout and a Thanks out to TL Johnson at CT for running a great company, and for the great customer service, i WILL be back, and i will send you as many people as i can!

Now that being said, if you do go to visit the guys at COLMANTYLER Please give em my name, tell them i sent you. i am part of their blackbook program where if you help promote them, they will in return give back to you, in discounts, or whatever they see fit, it's a program to promote business, through first hand experience, so i hope you can make it out to gilbert, and give the little man a chance (although he's not little, he's big dude) dont waste your money at the big box store with cruddy service, AZ small business needs a lift!!


  1. Hi Kevin, I am an anti-gun troll from California and I just want to know how those Tannerite targets are? You did buy some right?

  2. Bob the troll, kinda sound like a guy I know ;) no I did not get any exploding targets this time, but boy are they fun

  3. sounds better than the gunshop we have around here. I have been going in since the mid 80`s and they used to be one of the great ones but over time they got so busy they have gotten rude and service has gotten to be lacking we need a shop like that here. Great you could find a gun shop you enjoy going to.