13 February 2011

It's no secret...

NO SECRET AT ALL, that im a bit of a lead head, that is when it comes to guns, i cant get enough...except by my wallet's standards... and thanks to COLEMANTYLER.COM i was able to get my first AR-15 style rifle, at a decent price, with GREAT customer service.

Friday i picked up this beauty and couldnt wait to get it out and really check it out, Basic Specs are Plum Crazy ( PCFMFG.COM ) Polymer (yeah basically plastic but think GLOCK, or SPRINGFIELD XD ) and the complete lower is only around 100 bucks. on top sits a CMMG upper reciever, and the barrel is a 16" with a 1:9 twist.

Since ColemanTyler is in Gilbert, we took the trip up to the big city from Sierra Vista, and decided to spend the night up there as we had some other things to attend to. That being said, i wasnt goin to leave my new rifle in the truck so it got brought to the room with us, and i couldnt wait to "unwrap it from the UTG bag that i also picked up from the CT crew ignore the purse up in right... like i said US, Crystal was with me...

Once opened, and i racked back the charge handle, and OOOOH the sound, like music to my ears, then i released the bolt forward CLACHINCK! and then the smell of flash heatin up the oil as it slid to a stop. Ok time for the first MOD (also obtained at CT) is a MAGPUL BAD Lever which allow the use of the trigger finger (in firing grip) to lock, and release the bolt. Much improved to having to slide in your mag, rack back the charging handle while holding the stock or however was most comfy. or at the end of a mag when the bolt locks open now i can just drop the empty, slam in the new one while puttin my left hand into firing position and tap the bolt release with my trigger finger, im locked and loaded w/o having to take my hand off the grip.

ok all good, ive got a bolt release... now what?? i gotta see what im shootin down range so i picked up one of these pretty babies EOTECH xps2-2. havent sighted it in yet, maybe next weekend.....

Back at home i united the Rifle with it's feed system a couple of TANGO DOWN 30 RND mags i picked these up the week before.

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