27 February 2011

my weekend, and exciting order BIGBUTZ

it snowed today... big whoop right... snow... yeah that's what i said too... it was gone by 10 in our yard. so like most things in SV it didnt really count in the grand scheme of things.. BUUUUUT some exciting stuff did happen...

like i ordered up some BIG BUTZ BBQ sauce which in my humble opinion is THE BEST SAUCE i have ever, EVER had. what makes it the best?? probably the love that Tom puts into it.

it's a perfect sauce in that it involves all the senses #1 my taste, depending on original, or cranberry, or NOBUTZ wether i want sweet, sweet and a lil somethin extra, or sweet and spicy, it hits all the right receptors on my biggole tongue. #2 sight, sight yes, some sauces may taste good, but they lack that certain shine which is an important aspect of BBQ, as a dull sauce...looks old... like it's been there for a while, the entire BIGBUTZ line is shiny as can be!! drawing the eye to the meat like iron to a magnet. #3 sound, there is no sound like openin up a glass mason style jar, settin the metal lid down on the counter, then puttin the sauce on the meat and hearing the sizzle sizzle. #4 touch, Sticky goodness, that sticks with you, if it sticks to your fingers, it's gonna stick to the meat, a sauce that dont stick to the meat, doesnt need to be applied to the meat...(unless you are goin authentic carolina Que which is very thin vinegary sauce) #5 smell...mmmmmm it smells sooo good!, with the nobutz you can smell the Bhut Jolokia AKA: The Ghost Pepper, YEAH it's got that in it!!! but not so overpowering that you cant smell the sugary and smokey goodness of it all.

so what it all boils down to is, if all you have ever had is kraft... it's ok to step outta the box every once in a while and spoil yourself with a good sauce. it's good to expand your horizons even if it's just as far as a BBQ sauce that is a few bux more than what is normal, same could be said about storebrand soda vs. coca cola, there is a difference, and it is worth the few extra bux.


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  1. Kevin- You rock! You keep enjoying it, we'll keep making it.