28 February 2011

im braindead tonight.... what's new?

nothing to see here... at all...nothing special happened today, just tick tock waiting for some packages to come in from a weekend of ordering stuffs. plannin out the weekend already, hope the weather will agree with my plans, yeah same as the last two weekends, get out and shoot my PlumCrazy/CMMG AR. ive got 300 rounds of .223 that are itching to fly too, and maybe some .45 too, havent shot the XD in a while either, it needs some love... heck why im at it might bring out the shotgun too, havent shot that in a good long while... wanted to take it out last time... but didnt look close enough when i picked up the box ammo and it turned out i picked up 20 ga shells instead of 12ga... bummer on my part, but ce la vie!

What's Cookin Wednesday?! this week is gonna be good, so stick around for that. and the other exciting things that MIGHT happen this week.


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