08 February 2011

money money money

We got some of our tax return money today, so we had to get caught up on some supplies. i needed some new tongs for Que'n and i found some sweet lil aluminum grates PERFECT for pig candy, exciting huh?? then as we were walkin the walmart (exercising my ankle a lil bit) i perused the magazine section and just HAD to pick up some tactical rifle magazines, as i plan to pick one up (tactical rifle that is) later on this week.

before we went out though i set up some meat for a cook, hopefully tomorrow... depending on the wind... we were havin gusts of 30 mph today.. which is MISERABLE to Que in...just miserable... i HATE the wind....just miserable...

but onto the meat!! first go round is for a fella at church, he's a hunter and got some elk last year and i get the chance to cook some chuck steaks up for him, along with some ground bison, and venison that is also ground up.

on top of that i'll have almost a 14lb packer brisket and a couple cornish game hens to do up..

All of the ground meat got turned into loaves.... all with the same ingredients, some finely chopped RAW bacon to give em some fat, fine chopped onion, and fine chopped bell pepper. Then of course your typical Kosher salt, course pepper of the black persuasion, and garlic powder. handfuls of the fresh stuff, not a HUGH stickler for recipe so handful works and a good sprinkling of the other seasonings. then mashed it all together formed up a loaf, then rolled it up in waxpaper, then aluminum foil and back in the fridge til tomorrow.

the Brisket...and OH OH OH i have a beef sirloin roast too.... they are goin by way of simplicity, Dirty Dalmation they call it, a mix of coarse ground black pepper and course kosher salt. just rub it down massage in, and let er rip!! the brisky will probably take all day, well into the night...so ..c.rap...that means i'll need...well i should get up early to take care of it. the sirloin doesnt need to cook nearly as long as the brisket... it's only a few pounds, and i dont think i'll need to take it nearly as high as far as finishing temp...

I sure hope that the rest of the tax money comes in tomorrow or the next day, then i can get tires on the truck then be able to head up to the big city to pick up my blackgun and necessary accessories.

well, im out... gotta read up on TACTICOOL things i need

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