07 February 2011

one a day

One a day, i guess what im tryin to say, is i want to start something today it might lead the way for something new at bay.

WTF was that... i dunno. sorry i was off somewhere else... but yeah im gonna try to get this thing off the ground with something new every day, my sis over at the WHITEHOUSE BLOG >>>>>>>>>>>> on that side of the page is doin a picture a day, she'd a great example for this one a day (and a great photographer to boot too)

many other bloggers are great at keeping up to date their followers, i dont really have any followers, although i "advertise" on facebook, guess im just not that interesting, or just to.... sharp for most readers, if ya have a suggestion that could help me hold onto the reader, grab their attention, and what not.

Im going to try to link in my YouTube account too... if i can figure out a decent way to do that cuz i have found out that i kinda like makin videos... so i may need to invest in a good hidef vid cam and some great software to play around with that,

so if ya are so inclined go check out my YouTube Channel

thanks in advance, and i hope to not disappoint!!!


  1. Yeah.... I'm so great and all. You and Jene' are my only followers. ;)

  2. How about pictures of food. That's always good.

  3. Photos of cute kids always sell, but, I go with food. I don't have loads of followers, but, then again, I don't really care.

  4. Your blog makes me hungry! It's great.