20 February 2011

Sunday SUNday SUNDAY!!

it's sunday... tomorrow's president's day, and i gotta work, lame... i was hopin to go shooting sometime this weekend, but the weather was crap... was sposed to rain, never did....but it was windy...and lame all weekend.. so here's hopin for next weekend....

today wasnt too bad, crys and i got to go out and eat lunch with 'NE (read that as NAY) at the pizza hut bistro...which i have only eaten at ONCE, and now that i have had my food memory i'd eat there again. it wasnt the best i have ever eaten, but it wasnt the worst either..

i had the margherita pizza, which is bliss in simplicity. basically just cheese sliced tomatos and some basil, it's great, if you never have you should try it some time (the pizza not necessarily pizza hut bistro)

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