19 February 2011

carniceria la noria part 3

when i went to the carniceria the last time it wasnt smooth as could have been but they told me to come back today around 1130, amd boy am i glad i did!! i got to meet the jefe of the place, which was nice, cuz he spoke more english than his co workers, and turns out he can, and is willing to order me whole briskets like i wanted. he also took some diagrams i had printed up (to help with the translation) and my biz card, so that he can call me when he finds out a price for me.

the cool thing bout the shop is that they get fresh stuff twice a week, and if i need something special just gotta get my order in 2 days ahead of time.

while i was there i picked up a cryopac of ribs @ 2.49lb, it was a good deal for this town... for now, and it's not enhanced so that's a bonus!!

i prepped up the ribs st louis style, and with the xtra bits i throwed em in a pot and boiled em down... a couple jalepenos and with some garlic a whole thing ...bulb, from last year outta the garden and then let it go for a good long while, then pulled out all the bones and cartilage and junk and put it back in the pot with a can of tomato sauce. it's still cookin away and i cant wait til it's done!!