16 February 2011

wed night madness

so i think wednesday will be a must smoke day from now on, it's right in the middle of the week, so the weekend's BBQ is likely gone, but the craving has started, and with GROG at my disposal now, i think it will go over very well.

THiS iS GrOG, my newest weapon the the battle of man and BBQ, a mUDS is the classification (mini UGLY DRUM SMOKER)

the reason i want to start up the WED night BBQ bonanzas is i need practice, like an artist needs it i need to perfect my art. these WED night excercises will be geared towards quickies, appetizers, maybe some chicken, nothing that will take too terribly long (since i still have a "real" job i gotta drag my butt outta bed for) but things i can try both sides of the fire game on, the hotter side 300-350 ish range of BBQ, and of course the low and slow 200-250 and everything in between. i need to learn the equipment to make the best food, some say it's the equipment that makes the QUE, but with out someone runnin it, ... it's just a fire...or not.

Once i get comfortable with it, i just might be able to do long cooks with it on WED night and be able to go to sleep. Cant do that with GRUNTER...who's that.. have you forgotten already?? here's a family photo with UG and GRUNTER hangin out

well wish me luck with my endeavor

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