17 February 2011

where to get it...

that's oftern a question i use here in Sierra Vista (yea i meant to say oftern)... like now i just watched Bizarre Foods and they had a chef that butcher's a half pig that will later be cooked for the customers that watch him butcher it.... where to get that in SV?? i dont gotta FARKIN idea...

there is that one Car...carne... carniceria.... yeah that's it... i think it's a mexican butcher... i tried to go one day.... but when i pulled into the parking lot,... all of, I MEAN ALL OF the writing on the windows, and the advertisements were all in spanish... so i held off... didnt wanna embarrass myself... call it a pride thing...but i think i need to go check them out after work, could be a very good source of meaty goodness... mexican BBQ is full of goodness, so im hopin that they might have some of the more "exotic" meat selections there, and that i might be able to understand the proprietors.

Wish me luck

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