14 March 2011

ancestry.com...is it worth it??

As of today I will say yes, totally worth it. Its a bit spendy up front (150 or so per year), but today was totally worth it, as I got a large chunk if my own history dropped in my lap.

Through ancestry.com I was able to track down each branch of my family tree, one mysterious to me was that of my own STEWART lineage, as grampa Stewart decided we weren't a good enough family to be around (or so it seemed growin up) so I don't know him at all except by a single picture that hung in my dads house when we visited. Thanks to ancestry and the internets party place (read that as facebook) I was able to track down my gpa Stewart's wife's ( widow actually) sister, who then put me in touch with gpa Stewart's widow, Sallie Stewart. Upon grampas passing, Sallie needed to downsize and being that we are his only grandkids, and the only people left to pass his legacy on to (my dad has also left this cruel world) decided after talking With me about it that she would send it out to me and I can go through it with them and share in the history.

jene and I and crystal too went through the boxes (yes boxes plural,5 to be exact, and a couple more packages). A box full of slides, 35mm slide, some crazy cool stereo vision stuff (which is gonna be "fun" to try and find how to get them digitized) Digitized, I want all of it digitized. Then there was another box of reel to reel...videos...i guess you'd say.
Another box had old documents of my great, and great x2 gparents birth certificates, and pictures from way way way back, again I wanna get um digitized.

Then came a box full of military records. Both from my gpa, but his dad too. A few of his certs of achievement and what not, medals, a few meritorious service medals, a bronze star, something from his time in taiwan, and korea, really neat stuff.
Also(yeah yer not supposed to start sentences with also) there were some patches from his old uniforms, telling me he was AIRBORNE, and also served with BIG RED ONE.

Its gonna be fun goin thru this stuff I tell you what!!!



  1. reel to reel videos? They are called movies! Danged youngsters, movies! 8mm and they are most likely home movies.

  2. yes bob... home movies all of them they are, and luckily they are all labeled!! so now....i just need to find a "movie" player.... and in the future, some way to digitize them....hmmmm