13 March 2011

SHOOTIN finally got one it!!!

FINALLY, made it out to shoot the PlumCrazy AR that i got a few weeks ago from COLEMANTYLER it was a blast... well more like 300 blasts!!!, plus what i shot thru my XD45 and the sister's XD40 stubby, Grampa's 1911 (old Mutha) wayne's 1911 (not old Mutha) and the 7mm Mag i used when i went hunting, also threw some .22 downrange with grampa's ... well ....i think uncle alan's .22 marlin bolt rifle.

all of em were fun to shoot as always, and i was in good company, had Jene, and tyler out there, and Roger and Wayne Bayes (the outlaws :D) and a beautiful day, with awesome scenery.

i dunno if it'll work but im gonna try to pop a video from my youtube up here, here we go....


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