17 March 2011

Corned beef part two went well tonight. Well all day really I threw all the goodness in the crock before I left for work, and it simmered all day.

Mmmm mmmm good, I love cabbage boil'd down to slimy ish goodness.

And as for the corned beef, I love the versatility of it, being beef of course you can use it many ways, boiled with cabbage, I smoked that other one smoked corned beef is ALMOST pastrami....(but pastrami usually comes from a different party of the cow traditionally not the brisket) so of course, slice that puppy thin ya got "pastrami" sammich. Cook it normal (w/o smoke) and slice it thin, thro it on some rye, with kraut, and RUSSIAN (not thousand island) dressing, and you have one of my FAVE sandwiches the reuben! The only thing with the reuben, is to cheese, or not to cheese.

I should stock up on them whilst they are plentiful, and there is always a nice sale on them after st pattys day, so maybe, just maybe I will


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