16 March 2011


this year i wanted st patty's different, oh no no no... not something different to eat, Corned beef and cabbage is a staple..

Buuuuuut i also want it traditionally, cuz ya just cant beat corned beef and cabbage,(well apparently my wife can...t stand the stuff...*braindamage*)

so i being a cheap arse, just split the corned flat i picked up in half one to do tonight for WHAT'S COOKIN WEDNESDAY??!! cuz tomorrow im gonna cook one in the crock pot old skool style ;)

here goes, i also "halved" the seasoning packet (so i could have it for tomorrow's crockpotted half) and mixed with pepper, and since there is PLENTY of salt in it already, i didnt mix any of that in. rubbed it down and moved on to the cabbage, and taters. Cabbage simply got sea salt and coarse black pepper and taters got nada.

i also gotta new grate for UG, i have wanted one for a while, and my only regret..... is not gettin one sooner i no longer have to take meat off the grill to add fire to the beast... AWESOME!!!!

back to the food, the cabbage!!!

everything on UG's new cookin surface

after about half hour or so on there i throwed the rabbit foods in foil, and let them do their thing with a third stick of butter...gotta have butter!!

at about 160 i threw the hunka meat in foil so it could do it's thang w/o losing all it's juices, no pics of that as it's still restin, and im tired


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