13 March 2011

Dunno if it made it, I was under the wire, stupid internet is being stupid....so I'm doin this post via text message. Tonight was my bit of class for the quarter. We got gussied up and went out to the sierra vista symphony orchestra's final concert of the season. I've been to a few now and its not so bad, its in general fun, to see (and not just hear) the music from some of the greats being played. Why would a goofy hick like me even think about gin to a sim-funny concert? I blame the wife...ya see her pops is the conductor, and one of the founders of the SVSO, so at first it was kinda a formality, now I enjoy it. They started it up round about 16 years ago, and its goin strong, second year in a row that they have finished out in the black (not in debt) so that means next season should start out strong. That being said, I almost (ALMOST) felt hoity-toity... But I did have 40 lbs of charcoal in the bed of my pickup truck when we went in it to the concert. OUT

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