29 March 2011

Gone Fishin!!!

you remember that lil pond i was tellin you about the other day?? here it is, a gorgeous Southern AZ day. slight breeze from the ....northwest...(i think)... and fish everywhere!!! they were hoppin like crazy, i only got two lil guys that BOTH decided to SWALLOW the hook... so they are probably catfish food by now, but that'll make for a bit bigger catfish next time around.

I went old skool on them today with a red and white bobber, and worms, that's it! sometimes, that's all you need... i hope to get back out there again some other time this week, maybe hit the other side of the pond, and really i want to make it back maybe once a week, hone my fishin skills smore,

it's been a loooooooong time since i had gone fishing, and it was totally worth eating dinner late, and totally relaxing, and mind cleansing.

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