30 March 2011

What's Cookin WEDNESDAY!!!!???

Tonight you are gonna have to use your imagination with the way things look, cuz i dont have pictures. but tonight's goodness comes from a blend of BBQ, and my ma's chicken enchilada's.

the ingredients, 3 lbs of chicken boobs
2 small cans of diced green chilies
1 bunch (7-8) green onions
2 16 oz tubs of sourcream
2 small cans of cream of chicken
a BUNCH of cheese, i mean a BUNCH!!!!

first i started with the chicken on UG, bout 300 ish, with just some kosher salt and coarse pepper, cooked em up til they was dun, then i dun did shredded, ripped, chopped, the boobs, to give a good mouthfeel, to add depth to the texture.

after the meat was shredded n junk, i added the green chilies, and mixed it in good, and let them soak, while i cut up the onions, then in they went mixed in they got.

Next came the chicken cream( that sounds sooooo dirty) then sour cream, and then a BUNCH of cheese!!! mix it all together, it's a nice goop, tastes perty good at this point, but needed a lil salt, and a bitta pepper.

i started doin the chilada's "healthy" as in i dont .... how you say... um, parfry the tortillas before i roll em....so i wrap in a towel nowwa days, and nuke em til they git hot (like 10 at a time) that way the roll easy. before i roll em, take some of the goop and slather it in the pan to help prevent sticking...

into the oven they went 20 min @350* w/ foil and then pull it out, add a buncha more cheese, (yeah like i said before "healthy") and cook for another 20 min.

now the taste, OMG.... that day, it was great!!!, that smoked chicken gave the dish a lil somethin extra, that i thought was missing, but that being said, it needed more, because the BBQ came through so strong i feel a can of rotel would have been a great "mex" boost!! i had it for lunch today, and it was even better!!! the smokieness had gotten thru the whole dish.

next time around, a can of rotel will go in and a lil less sour cream, and/or chicken cream (heh heh heh)



  1. I think.... same sour cream, less cream o' chicky
    :) The rotel sounds like an AWESOME ideer though!! Might have to try that next time I make this recipe!

  2. Try cookin the chix on the grill too, you will be pleasingly surprised